Raspberry Drizzle

Doe: Raspberry Drizzle
ABGA: 10681402
A fullblood red doe that is one of our foundation does of our colored program. She has been a Grand and Reserve champion in limited showing. She is a real meat wagon and has a great disposition. Sired by Rum Dark Knight which goes back to Maximum Impact,and Fern Hollow Indian Outlaw ennobled. Her dam is Rum Red Hot Suzi, who goes back to Sawyer’s Uzi,and Rum Red Hot Ember.  Very excited to get kids out of her with BAUM Fifty Shades of Silver as early as February.

Sweetest Adeline (Kansas)

Kansas pic 3
Kansas pic 2Kansas
Doe: URBG EQ,s Sweetest Adeline.
ABGA: 10664799
Very well built. Fullblood traditional doe.  Great doe I purchased from Urish Ridge boer goats. Loaded pedigree including Ripper and Collateral Damage on sire’s side and 2 Dox breeding on the dam’s side.  Kansas will be bred to BAUM Fifty Shades of Silver and expecting February kids.

Funny Face

Funny Face pic 4
Funny FaceFunny Face pic 3
Doe: RCFM Funny Face
ABGA: 10737330
A real nice built yearling doe that is black with white spots that I was fortunate enough to purchase from Red Creek Farm. Another big piece in our colored program.  Her pedigree includes Sugar Rey ennobled and Lazy S-T genetics. She is bred to our new herdsire BAUM FIfty Shades of Silver, expecting February kids.

Rockin The Spot

 Rockin The Spots pic 2
 Rockin The Spots pic 3Rockin The Spots
Doe: Rockin The Spot
ABGA: 10725489
This is a very showy, traditional doe with a dappled head. She is a big bodied doe with that nice maternal wedge. Her sire is PSM3 Rocky Road. Her dam’s side is loaded with EGGS Genetics. She is currently in with our new herdsire BAUM Fifty Shades of Silver. We are really excited about this combination.


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